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Rodeo royalty aims to lasso more success

The Gonzaga Bulletin


When you hear the phrase “rodeo queen,” what usually comes to mind are cowboy hats, big hair and glittery chaps — a far cry from the image that may arise with the phrase “law student.” But Gonzaga’s Katherine Merck, 25, has found a way to blend these two seemingly different ideas.

Merck began attending GU Law in fall 2013. In January 2014, she won the title of Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo on her first attempt.

“My mom jokes that I decided when I was 23 to be a rodeo queen,” Merck said. “Nobody really thought it was the best idea, when I was in law school, to try out for my first rodeo title – but I really wanted to give back to the sport and represent the pastime and the people I love. 


Katherine Merck

An advocate of the Western way of life and agricultural industry in all aspects of her life, Katherine Merck is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and cowgirl who is dedicated to uplifting others through her motto, Kindness Matters. 

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