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Miss Rodeo America brings passion for horses, love of Western way of life to Greeley Stampede for fi

The Fence Post; Greeley Tribune


As a child, Katherine Merck always wanted a horse. The 2016 Miss Rodeo America giggled, the bling on her crown, vest and jewelry glinting when she said she was like most little girls in that respect.

So Merck’s dad promised the then-12-year-old if she could come up with half the money for a decent starter horse — $750 at the time — he would match it. She hoarded her babysitting money and picked up odd jobs around the neighborhood until she’d saved enough to buy half a horse.

That’s how bad she wanted it.

When at 23, she had her jaw wired shut after surgery, she started studying up and learning everything she’d need for her first rodeo pageant, Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo. It took a lot of work, because most rodeo pageants are more education and horsemanship than anything else, she said. But she took the time and won that first pageant. Then, she won the second one to become Miss Rodeo Washington. Then, she won the third — Miss Rodeo America.

That’s how bad she wanted it.


Katherine Merck

An advocate of the Western way of life and agricultural industry in all aspects of her life, Katherine Merck is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and cowgirl who is dedicated to uplifting others through her motto, Kindness Matters. 

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