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Law Student Turned Pageant Queen With A Purpose

Above the Law


Law students get a lot of flack for being a boring lot (unless we’re talking about the law students on How To Get Away With Murder, who are a murderous AND boring group), what with the hours that students spend studying and the gunners who seem to rule the roost. But sometimes a student is able to put away (or at least compartmentalize) all the law school bulls**t and do something a little different.

Take, for example, Katherine Merck. She’s a student at Gonzaga Law School but has a passion for rodeo that she hasn’t let law school kill. In fact, yesterday she was crowned Miss Rodeo America — the first ever from Washington State. In order to nab the national title, she beat out 33 other state queens by excelling in horsemanship, rodeo and equine knowledge, a speech, and a fashion show.

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Katherine Merck

An advocate of the Western way of life and agricultural industry in all aspects of her life, Katherine Merck is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and cowgirl who is dedicated to uplifting others through her motto, Kindness Matters. 

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