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Irish cowgirl

Mendoza Business Magazine: How does a finance major end up as Miss Rodeo America 2016? Katherine Merck found a way


Nine years ago, a high school girl sat down to write her Notre Dame admission essay. 

“Share a unique interest and explain what you’ve learned from it,” the prompt read.

She hesitated. Yes, she had an interest — a driving passion, in fact — that shaped her life. And, yes, it was certainly unique — far enough from the mainstream that she wondered if it would keep her out of the school of her dreams.

But, staying true to herself, Katherine Merck composed “A Cowboy is Born, Not Made,” expressing her love of horses, riding and the Western lifestyle.

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Katherine Merck

An advocate of the Western way of life and agricultural industry in all aspects of her life, Katherine Merck is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and cowgirl who is dedicated to uplifting others through her motto, Kindness Matters. 

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